2018 Exterior Color Trends for New Homes

10 Apr 2018 Exterior Color Trends for New Homes

Custom homes home design, new construction, new homes home builder in Franklin, TN, Brentwood, Thompson Station and Arrington, TN – TVH.What Color Will You Choose For Your New Home in Brentwood or Franklin, TN?

There are so many exciting aspects of purchasing and building a brand new, custom home in Franklin, TN or Brentwood, TN. Though it comes with ample responsibility, the need for financial security, and much preparation, the outcome is worth everything and more. Once the hard part of finding the perfect new home–or building one–is complete, soon it will come time to think about how you want to decorate your home. Will you incorporate modern touches? Are you going for a rustic look? Nautical? As you design the interior of your home to best reflect your personal style, don’t forget to add those special touches to the exterior of your home as well. The exterior of your home serves as the first impression of not only your home, but the type of wonderful neighbors you may be. To promote an excellent first impression of you and your home, consider painting the exterior of your home a new, trendy color.

For a pop of color that fits your style and compliments the different architectural details of your home, take a look at these popular exterior home colors that are trending in 2018:

All White: You can never go wrong with painting your house the classic white color, especially if you are trying to achieve a rustic, farmhouse, or the traditional look. White exudes elegance and gives a home a beautiful, striking look. However, if you choose that perfect shade of white, be prepared to do an extra bit of maintenance to your home to ensure that it keeps that pristine, clean look.

Black: Painting your home black may seem a bit strange, if not off-putting to onlookers, however, black exterior homes are greatly trending this year. Before you take the plunge and paint your home this shade, first consider the look of your home. If it exudes that modern or contemporary feel–uniquely symmetrical architectural details and a lot of windows–then you have the perfect opportunity to paint your home a marvelous black.

Grey With White Trim: Grey is another top trending exterior home color that gives homes a boost of character. Like black, grey works best on homes that are ultra-modern or contemporary. Whether you decided to make the grey stand out with white trim or give your home an all-grey look, it’s sure to give your home a touch of dimension and sleekness. Choose shades of dark grey for dramatic, modern look, or lighter shades of grey for a softer feel.

Cream: Cream and even nude tones are very popular exterior home colors that have used for years and years. Cream tones are sure to give homes a look of elegance and warmth. When painting your home cream or nude colors, be sure to contrast the trim and shutters with a color that will perfectly compliment it–for example, greys, greens, blues, etc.

To take the exterior of your home to a new level, consider adding a pop of color to your door. No matter the color you paint your home, a door that’s carefully painted a contrasting color is sure to add the welcoming touch your home needs.


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